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Lily Collins' filmography. +

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Lily Collins out and about August 14, 2014


Lily leaving the gym August 14th

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“I’d never sit here and pretend to be a figure of morality because I’m absolutely not. What I do see myself as is a mascot for kids who feel weird or out of place.”

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@SamRollinson: Cape competition!! @C_Wiggins_ @Jamiebower #takemeback

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“With music I have the opportunity to say how I feel. I get to say what I experience as Jamie, whereas with acting I have to say someone else’s words and still try to find a way to relate to it myself. I think I’d go mental without music.” (x)



I uploaded them oddly the first time! Here they are, now they can be saved and downloaded! Enjoy! (The Infernal Devices are coming up soon)

Can anybody tell me were i can get heavenly fire!? i cant find it :((

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TMI Character Alignments

Lawful Good: Alec Lightwood
Neutral Good: Isabelle Lightwood and Clary Morgenstern
Chaotic Good: Jace Herondale
Lawful Neutral: Luke Garroway
Neutral: Simon Lewis
Chaotic Neutral: Magnus Bane
Lawful Evil: Valentine Morgenstern
Neutral Evil: Seelie Queen
Chaotic Evil: Sebastian Morgnestern